Consistency and direction in pagination

Today, I discovered yet again one of the cardinal sins of user interface design – inconsistency. A blog had two pagination interfaces on one page - and they had opposite directionality. For one, older posts were to the left; for the other, older posts were to the right. This is an obvious and egregious error, and the solution is to make them operate in the same direction, or better yet, remove one.

Human usability testers wanted

When I wrote 1App::perlhl1 a few weeks ago, I was mostly concerned with getting it working. I picked colours more-or-less at random, and I noted that I planned to tweak them to achieve better readability. I’d like to do some hallway usability testing – if you’re interested, please try cloning my git repository and playing with the branches. master has one colour scheme, and I created colour-2 and colour-3 to test two more schemes.