Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Data collection

When you visit this site, certain standard information is logged, including: your IP, the time of your visit, the request you made, the referrer, and your useragent.

The site does not include ads.

On some pages or posts, there may embedded content from third-party sites. Typically they’re below the fold, and kept to a minimum.

Data retention

Data collected in standard web server logs are retained for 7 days, and are deleted automatically.


None of this data will be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances, unless I have a good-faith belief that such disclosure is required by law (for example, due to a subpoena, or other valid court order). If disclosure is required by law, I will attempt to inform you of the fact, unless I am prohibited from doing so. While a failure on your part to challenge the disclosure request may require me to turn over your information, I will object independently to requests I believe are improper.

For your information, both I and the server are physically located in the US.

Secure access

The site is available over TLS. Certificates are issued by LetsEncrypt.

The site configuration encourages HTTPS use by making all links point to the HTTPS site, and redirecting HTTP clients to HTTPS. Once using HTTPS, the HSTS header is used to inform your web browser that it should only use HTTPS in the future.

Changes to this policy

This privacy policy may change from time to time. I endeavour to collect the minimum amount of data to operate the site effectively, retain it for the minimum length of time, and to do all data collection and analysis without involving third parties. If substantive changes to the policy are made, it will be noted on the main page.