Co-op at DRDC

I was late to join the job search process for my first co-op work term, but I was invited for several interviews. One of the most interesting jobs I applied for was a specific project with Defence Research and Development Canada. One of DRDC’s task groups is building a fake submarine for training purposes. The sub has mocked systems ranging from a sheet of paper saying “here are some buttons” up to a sophisticated computer simulation of real submarine systems. They were looking for someone to do the simulated sonar system. The project involves everything from soliciting requirements, finding and analyzing off-the-shelf software products (including FLOSS!) to meet those requirements, installing & integrating the system, doing quality assurance, and documenting the entire process.

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for the position, and I received an offer. I’ve happily accepted, and assuming the background check clears, I’ll begin in May.

The location is very convenient for me, and it’ll be an exciting and challenging project to work on. I’m sure it’ll provide an excellent opportunity to both apply and expand my knowledge over the course of the summer. I’m excited to get started!