News for December 2011

Consistency and direction in pagination

Today, I discovered yet again one of the cardinal sins of user interface design - inconsistency. A blog had two pagination interfaces on one page - and they had opposite directionality. For one, older posts were to the left; for the other, older posts were to the right. This is an obvious and egregious error, and the solution is to make them operate in the same direction, or better yet, remove one. (more…)

Broken busybox can cause DHCP timeouts on Android

Apparently, when your Android device's busybox installation gets broken for whatever reason, this doesn't cause your phone to come to a screeching, grinding halt. The breakage is much more subtle. For me, the only symptoms were:

  • the standard busybox installers available on Android market couldn't install busybox (this may not be related, who knows!)
  • wifi stopped working - the phone couldn't connect to the AP


Applying fair dealing exceptions to TPMs

James Gannon points out that "Critics of the TPM provisions in Bill C-11 often claim to have a "balanced" solution for TPM protection: to create an exception that allows hacking for legal purposes." That's certainly correct, however, he proceeds to misconstrue what that suggestion actually means (more…)