News for February 2011

Human usability testers wanted

When I wrote App::perlhl a few weeks ago, I was mostly concerned with getting it working. I picked colours more-or-less at random, and I noted that I planned to tweak them to achieve better readability. I'd like to do some hallway usability testing - if you're interested, please try cloning my git repository and playing with the branches. Master has one colour scheme, and I created colour-2 and colour-3 to test two more schemes. Try them out & let me know what you find most easiest to read. If you want to play with the colouring yourself, I'd be happy to accept whichever one people find best. Thanks!

The death of tribal knowledge

Michael Schwern talks about Perl5's shortcomings, and explains how perl5i can overcome many of them - it is a pragma to fix as much of Perl 5 as possible all at once. While I haven't worked with perl5i much, I wanted to talk about something Schwern talked about that resonated with me, and that's the concept of "tribal knowledge."